Obtains and determines the model number (device information) of a smartphone such as Android/iOS

It is a tool to confirm and display the model number, terminal, and model information of a smart phone (Android, iPhone) and PC. It uses the browser's UserAgent to obtain information, determine the device to be used, and display the device name and device information.

For Android/iOS devices, the vendor name (manufacturer), model name, marketing name, model number (code name), etc. will be displayed.

If you have changed the user agent using a browser development tool, or if it does not display properly, please refresh the screen by pressing the reload button on the browser.

The information provided by the browser (such as the user agent) is analyzed using JavaScript to determine the terminal.

Mobile Device Name
Model{{ getParseAndValue(ua.device.model) }}
Vendoror Maker{{ getParseAndValue(ua.device.vendor) }}
Device{{ getParseAndValueFromArray([res,"ios", "Device"]) }}
Emulator / SimulatorYes
Model{{ getParseAndValue(getAndroid("Model")) }}
Vendoror Maker{{ getParseAndValue(getAndroid("Retail Branding")) }}
Device{{ getParseAndValue(getAndroid("Device")) }}
Marketing Name{{getParseAndValue(getAndroid("Marketing Name")) }}
Emulator / SimulatorYes
OS{{ getParseAndValue(ua.os.name + " " + ua.os.version) }}
Browser{{ getParseAndValue(ua.browser.name + " " + ua.browser.major + " ( " + ua.browser.version + " )")}}
Browser Rendering Engine{{ getRenderingEngine(ua.engine) }}
CPU{{ getParseAndValue(ua.cpu.architecture) }}
Memory{{ getParseAndValue(deviceMemory) }}
CPU Core{{ getParseAndValue(hardwareConcurrency) }}
Max Touch Points{{ getParseAndValue(maxTouchPoints) }}
Platform{{ getParseAndValue(platform) }}
Connection Type{{ getParseAndValue(getIfExist(connection, "type")) }}
Connection Effective Type{{ getParseAndValue(getIfExist(connection, "effectiveType")) }}
Language{{ getIfExist( navigator, "language" ) }}
ARCore Notes{{ arCoreNotes }}-
Screen ( size of screen )
Width{{ getParseAndValue(screen.availWidth) }} px
Height{{ getParseAndValue(screen.availHeight) }} px
Orientation Type{{ getIfExist(screen.orientation, "type") }}
Color Depth{{ getIfExist(screen, "colorDepth") }} bit
Charging{{ charging }}
Charging Time{{ chargingTime }}
Battery Level{{ batteryLevel }} %
User Agent
{{ ua.ua }}